Silver Lining

From the “Silver Screen” to looking for the Silver Lining

Sil-ver- Li-ning
noun/ a consoling or hopeful prospect; something good that can be found in a bad situation

Although we don’t know when our theater will reopen, there have been lots of good things happening all around us.  As the old saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  Can you add to the list below?

We are learning to adapt to new ways of doing things:

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Game-night and new ways of socializing from a distance
  • Improved Meal Planning
  • Walks
  • Lots of Me Time
  • Stronger Family/Friend Connections

Sneak Peek

Virtual or homemade entertainment is yet another bit of silver lining that we get to enjoy during our ongoing quarantine. Check out Maya Hawke’s music video filmed in one shot by her father, Ethan Hawke. See their video for her new music single, Coverage.

Hollywood Trivia Winners Keep on Coming!

We hope you had fun with last week’s trivia contest. The questions are getting a little harder each week. This week’s winners receive passes to an upcoming comedy show.

Trivia Tuesday:

  • Question: This writer is best known for a spy series + children’s book adapted into popular films.
  • Answer: Ian Fleming, famous for the James Bond series + Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Trivia Thursday:

  • Question: She won Academy Awards for two distinct skills.
  • Answer: Emma Thompson, who won Best Adapted Screenplay for Sense & Sensibility + Best Actress for Howards End.
This Week’s Winners:
  • On Facebook:  Michael Byrne, Jest Jake, and Denise N Joe Russo
  • On Instagram: brendan1963, and jasoneff71

Your comedy show tickets will be valid starting when we reopen. Keep watching for this week’s contest and invite your friends to join us on social media to play along!


And all of this translates to Hygge, (pronounced hoo-gah) – a Danish word for well-being, and the art of taking things slow to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
One of our everyday joys in life is watching a movie at home. To help you down the path toward the ideal Hygge Movie Night, here are some simple tips:
  • Step One: Pick a movie that will warm your heart
  • Step Two: Get comfortable—grabbing a pillow and light blanket
  • Step Three: Wear something loose fitting and soft
  • Step Four: Light a candle
  • Step Five: Get your beverage of choice and snacks ready. And enjoy!

Blog of the Week

Check out some of these Hygge Movie Picks from The Barefoot Warrior

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