Noun – a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. 

Hope is something that you want to happen or the sense that good things will come. If you are a filmmaker and you make it to the final round of a film festival, that gives you hope. We are very hopeful that Beyond: The Cary Film Festival 2020 will move forward.  As you know, it is slated for Friday through Sunday, September 24-27.  While we do not know what the future holds with the current State of Emergency and social distancing guidelines, we are hopeful that it will happen.  With this in mind, check out this year’s colorful selection of  short films. 

A Modern Romance
Camilla, Keep Your Word
Department 666
Folding Fur
Interstate 8

Lost in Place
Lost Treasure of the Valley
Painted Love
Quilt Journeys
Sea Salt Wind
She Follows Close Behind

Stari Grad (Old Town)
Tender is the Kiss
The Big L
The Casserole Brigade
The Love Garden
The Sound of Silence
The Spaghetti Monster
Uncle Otto’s Truck

Blog of the Week

Hollywood Trivia Winners Keep on Coming!

We hope you had fun with last week’s trivia contest! 


Q: This Oscar-nominated actor thrives in physical roles as a labor boss, wrassler & trucker. Name him & the films he played Kovac, Cosmo & Hawk?

A: Sylvester Stallone, F.I.S.T., Paradise Alley, Over The Top



Q: This Oscar was refused, yet is on public display.
Who won, what film, and where does it currently reside?

A: George C. Scott, for “Patton.” It currently resides at VMI in the
George C. Marshall Museum & Library


This week’s winners are:
On FaceBook: Jenni Elion
On Instagram: Iajjonesy143

You’ll be receiving tickets to one of our upcoming Six String shows. All prizes will be valid starting when we reopen! 

Keep watching for this week’s contest and invite your friends to join us on our social media channels to play along!

Six String Presents

We have missed working with our partner, David Sardinha with Six String Presents. So we checked in with him. Here’s what he shared.

What are you missing most during this Stay at Home order?  Is it spending time with loved ones, freedom to go places, traveling to visit friends and family? Or maybe you just want to get everything off your mind and escape for a little while. Music has the ability to effect how you feel in any given moment.  Music can transport you to a memory or place from your past. Do you miss experiencing live music? We do.

As we navigate through implementing the best precautions for the health and well-being of our customers, musicians and staff we remain hopeful and look forward to the day when we all get to return to The Cary Theater for a show. We’ll say hello, catch up on what we’ve been doing, grab a glass of wine from Brew, and sit back and once again be entertained by some of the top musicians in the country. It might be the Beatlesque Tribute in June, or the Chuck Brodsky & Michael Reno Harrell show in July. We may even have to wait until September to see Rod Picott and Sally Barris. But whenever it happens, we will be back.

So hang in there. Go listen to your favorite artist on YouTube or visit their Facebook or Patreon pages for a video concert from their living rooms. And join us in looking forward to the day when we all go back to our favorite art house movie theater and live music venue… The Cary Theater and Six String Presents.

See YOU soon,
David E. Sardinha


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