Special Series


Indie 101 is a new monthly film series that celebrates The Cary Theater’s mission – to bring the best of art house cinema to the Town of Cary.

Held on the third Wednesday each month, Indie 101 screens movies from the 1960s to today, focusing on independent films that defined the genre. They launched the careers of cinema’s best filmmakers. They are movies that made headlines, that influenced Hollywood and the broader culture. They were big hits, or perhaps underseen on initial release but gained popularity over time.

The series is curated with an eye for diverse voices. Indie 101 primarily celebrates U.S. independent films, but will include international titles that crossed over to acclaim in the states. 

Indie 101 delivers a unique and interactive experience. Screenings are hosted by a local film historian, who introduces the film and provides perspective on the film’s production, release, and impact. After the screening concludes, attendees are invited to stay for a film club-style open discussion. How did they react to the film? What elements worked or fell short? How did the movie reinforce conventional filmmaking, or challenge it? All perspectives are welcome.

Indie 101 gives film lovers of all levels new ways to look at films and film history. Admission is $6, but if you’re a Cary Film Circle member, it’s free!

Scheduled films to kick off this series include:


November 20

Before Sunrise

December 18


January 15, 2020

The Crying Game

February 19, 2020

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

March 18, 2020

Lost in Translation


April 15, 2020



Environmentally Speaking: Green Movie Series

The environment and sustainability take center stage in this green movie series. Brought to you through an exciting partnership with the Town of Cary’s Environmental Advisory Board, we will explore big ideas about how to solve problems our rapidly-changing world. Each screening features thought-provoking films coupled with engaging discussions following.

March 19, 2020

The Clean Bin Project

May 7, 2020

Water Blues Green Solutions and Partners for Environmental Justice — Building Community
Around Raleigh’s Walnut Creek Wetlands (an 8 minute short film)