How do you explain why we are all staying home to the little ones in our community? Here’s a tool from a local writer that can help.

In Career Day, Brandon Johnston writes about a man struggling with his direction in life when he’s forced to search his soul, while presenting to his son’s class for Career Day.

Meet Brandon at our Table Read of his award-winning screenplay slated for Saturday, September 26 at 2 p.m. in Marcus Dry at the Cary Arts Center.  Brandon grew up in Acworth, Georgia and studied Mass Communication at Georgia College in Milledgeville.

While in college he began writing his first short form scripts. He would help produce several of his scripts into short films throughout his tenure in college, three of which went on to win awards in different film festivals.

Brandon shares, “I’ve enjoyed movies and storytelling all my life. Through my writing I hope to connect with audiences in a way that both entertains and connects with readers as we all try to find our ways through life. I wrote this script at a time in my life where I was uncertain of where I was going with my passion for film. I hope it will connect with others who have questioned their own directions and decisions in life.”

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