We’ve Been Grinched!

Yep. We’ve been Grinched! One of our most favorite events of the year has a big lump of coal sitting on top of it!  The sad news is that White Christmas Sing-a-Long won’t be happening this year. We’ve had a little time to adjust to this news, but we’re sure that you may be feeling […]

Invitation to Join Us!

The Cary’s connection to the community is the key to our growth as a home for film in Downtown Cary. To make this connection to the community stronger, we established a Programming Advisory Committee.  This dedicated group of community members advises us, shares our successes and helps us re-calibrate when needed.  We’re accepting applications for […]

Bracketology 2018 – Movie Style!

The Cary is smack-dab in the middle of the Basketball Belt – inside the triangle of hoops hopefuls! And we love the hoops, but we love the movies even more!  We had such a fun time last year winnowing down our field of 64 to just 1 – that we’re bringing it back again! This […]


Thankfulness is an attitude that we should strive for all year round, but it is brought to the fore on Thanksgiving Day.  We have so much to be thankful for here at The Cary this year.  Here’s some highlights: 1.  We’re here! We’re thankful to be your local arthouse theater. It’s a sacred duty that […]

JFK & The Cats

No, we didn’t scour the newly released documents on JFK’s assassination and find that cats played a significant role.  Yes, we are happy to premiere two films that seem to be as different as night and day, but have some similarities as well.  Both these films were created by filmmakers out of Durham, NC and […]

She’s A Sick Chick!

It’s October and the temperatures are cooling, the leaves are just starting to turn and thoughts turn to all things scary! We’ve partnered with the professional of scary!  Christine Parker is one sick chick!  Not only does she produce and direct her own films, but she curates and directs the Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival.  […]

They’re Baaaaaaccckkk! The Zombies are Upon Us!

We had so much fun at last year’s Zombiepalooza that we’re doing it again!  We want you to creep us out, make us laugh, and generally just have an awesome time making your own Zombie flick!  This year will be especially poignant since the film world recently lost the father of the zombie film genre, George A. Romero. […]

Films, Family, and the Magic of the BOGO!

We’re entering the summer season when the choices for your free time increase exponentially and entertainment venues are all vying for your attention. Yes – we freely admit that we’re in that fray. We love to see you here in our theater on a regular basis, but, we also have a stake in the success […]

Beyond Silent!

Films are essentially optical illusions.  Artistic innovators discovered that images strung together in rapid succession resulted in the mind syncing them all together – a moving picture. The magic of a new technology. The idea that sound could be embedded into the fabric of the finished film product was years down the road. Many musicians […]

Movie Madness 2017!

When you live in the Basketball Belt, March is a sacred time. The excitement of the impending Spring is heralded by two weeks of athletic mayhem, the fun of bracketology, and the thrill of the hunt!  We’re getting in the spirit by celebrating in our own way – Movie Madness! Join us as YOU get […]