Bracketology 2018 – Movie Style!

The Cary is smack-dab in the middle of the Basketball Belt – inside the triangle of hoops hopefuls! And we love the hoops, but we love the movies even more!  We had such a fun time last year winnowing down our field of 64 to just 1 – that we’re bringing it back again!

This year – we reached out to you – our friends and patrons to nominate films and establish our selection of films!  You have spoken and we’re offering up a brand new field this year! Join us as YOU get to choose the “National Champion” of film for 2018.

Round 1 is March 15-16       
Round 2 is March 17-18       
Round 3 is March 22-23
Round 4 (the Elite 8) is March 24-25
Final 4 is March 31
Finals are April 2



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