Zombiepalooza 2021

The Cary Theater Presents the 6th Annual Zombiepalooza

Friday, October 22, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. CARY, N.C.

The Cary Theater Seeks Locally Produced Short Films for Zombiepalooza 2021


  • October 6 is the deadline for film submissions.
  • All submissions must include use of a hand sanitizer visible in the finished film.
  • Organize before they rise!


The 6th annual Zombiepalooza is the Town of Cary’s zombie-themed screening party featuring locally produced short films. Individuals or groups are encouraged to shoot and submit a 1-minute to 5-minute zombie film for judging. All submissions must include the use of hand sanitizer in the finished film. Hobbyists, professionals, and rookie filmmakers of all ages are encouraged to submit their short film for consideration.


The following rules apply to all film submissions:

  • Email confirmation of participation to connie.digrazia@townofcary.org. Include name/address/phone/email for all participants.
  • Film must be submitted to The Cary Theater by October 6, 2021. Full details will be supplied in confirmation email reply.
  • All entrants under age 18 require a parent or guardian’s signature to participate.
  • All costs associated with the creation of the film are the filmmaker/film team’s responsibility.
  • All music used in the films must be original or participants must provide right-to-use permissions.
  • All parties involved in creating a film must agree to right-to-use permission. Waivers are a good idea in case of accidental zombie attacks.
  • Identification of The Cary Theater and Zombiepalooza is required in the credits. The statement should note: This film was created for Zombiepalooza 2021 at The Cary Theater.
  • We love animals, and humans! Mistreatment, death, or mutilation of an animal, or human, is strictly prohibited.
  • All submitted films must agree to premiere at Zombiepalooza 2021. No prior screenings are allowed.


Fourteen films screened at Zombiepalooza 2019. The First-Place winner was “Fatal Time,” by filmmaker Korey Merritt. Second Place went to “The Meat Up” by Patrick Goodwin. The People’s Choice awards went to “Foggy Vale,” produced by Max Williams.


A Special Thanks to our sponsors: Mosquito Wizard, Pharmacy Bottle+Beverage, and Crosstown Pub and Grill. 

Call-For-Entries: Make Your Own Short Zombie Film


Do you feel like a you’re part of a zombie film after this crazy year? Us, too! Entertain us with your best zombie flick.

We learned a few things from the film Zombieland.

Pay attention to these rules!


Zombieland Rule #16: Opportunity Knocks – And whenever it does, make sure you answer.


We know that there are zombie aficionados out there – we’ve got an opportunity for you to get creative and tell your own Zombie story – who knows – you may save someone’s life! Make us a Zombie film! Films should be from 1 – 5 minutes in length. You can make this film on any type of video camera, including your phone!

Theme: Zombies – use your imagination – comedy, survival, how Zombies got here, Zombies can be our friends . . . you think it up!

Required element: Each film must use the following prop: hand sanitizer – It must be visible in the film.

Give your film a cool Zombie-ish name!

All films should be appropriate for all audiences. Each film will be pre-screened and if it is deemed inappropriate, it will not be accepted for screening. We’ll call you if this happens. This includes language. Keep it clean, folks – there’s all ages that attend our event.


Once you sign up to participate, we’ll tell you how to submit your film.


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