We’ve Been Grinched!

Yep. We’ve been Grinched!

One of our most favorite events of the year has a big lump of coal sitting on top of it!  The sad news is that White Christmas Sing-a-Long won’t be happening this year. We’ve had a little time to adjust to this news, but we’re sure that you may be feeling like we were a few weeks ago – kinda like someone hit you in the head with that lump of coal!

The movie business can be confusing and complex. In a nutshell – here’s how it breaks down.  Every time we show a film – the theater must pay the film’s distributor for the rights to do so. We’re okay with that – filmmakers work hard and those films are how they feed their families (the vast majority of filmmakers are not George Lucas with huge Empires and Skywalker Ranch!)  Where it starts to get sticky is when agreements are made that exclude other theaters from also screening the same film.  We’ve been fortunate to only deal with this occasionally, but we got caught in the net this year.  White Christmas’ distributor made a nation-wide agreement with an events company that works with mainstream, chain theaters. This means art house theaters like The Cary are restricted from screening it during November-December.

So – this year – we’re making new memories, helping our community and starting new traditions!  We’re adding another screening of Elf – complete with the snowball sock throw!  All those socks will benefit folks that really need them!  Last year we donated over 700 pairs – we think we can blow that number out of the water!

And we’re adding a new event: the Home Alone Quote-a-Long.  Poor Kevin – left all alone on Christmas.  There will be a loot bag and tons of fun things to make this a cool event.  In addition, we’re doing a toy drive – the Home Alone No More Toy Drive – to benefit our neighbors in eastern NC that were affected by this year’s Hurricanes.  We’re embracing the spirit of the season and giving to others – and we’ll give you a free admission with a toy!  But you can certainly bring more than one toy!

We’re anticipating that White Christmas will return next year but are excited to welcome you to The Cary for one of our other events this year!

Tickets will be on sale soon!



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