Trivia Winners!

Trivia Winners! Congratulations!


Last year’s BEYOND: The Cary Film Festival featured the writers for what blockbuster with a star-studded cast?

Name our 2019 feature, and the film’s 2 actors whose careers include Oscar wins.

Answer: “Batman Forever,” Tommy Lee Jones (Best Actor for “The Fugitive”) and Nicole Kidman (Best Actress for “The Hours”).
*Fun fact, the film also featured 2-time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey.

Winner: Nick Britt

Our very first #BEYONDFilmFestival featured Q&A with writers for what 1980s film with an ensemble cast in all its Southern glory? Name our 2018 feature and the film’s Oscar nominee.

Answer: “Steel Magnolias,” Julia Roberts.

Winner: Annette Blalock Lowery

Winners receive 4 free movie admissions. Please contact Connie DiGrazia at to find out how to claim your prize.


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