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Cary Film Circle Memberships Extended

Hamilton on Disney+ Coming Soon!

Watch the Hamilton trailer and mark your calendar for the Disney+ launch, July 3. Read the latest in Variety.

Trivia Winners This Week

Trivia Tuesday

Question: Who played Jonesy in his first ever film in 1955; then went on to win 13 Oscars w/ 41 nominations?


Clint Eastwood

Facebook: Ryan Walters, Judy Friedman Tabachow, Peter Ungaro
Twitter: @MaggieMaeWhitt
Instagram: stephgnc

Trivia Thursday

Question: Who appeared in over 300 films, yet received screen credit for only 83? She has 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – one in film, one in radio. And what year did she win an Oscar?


Hattie McDaniel in 1940 for “Gone With The Wind”


Facebook: Christine Farrell
Instagram: totororo_7
Winners you will each receive 4 free movie admissions, once we reopen. Contact: connie.digrazia@townofcary.org to claim your prize.

Exploring Virtual Cinema

With social distancing measures top-of-mind for the near future, we expect to provide a broader reach at Beyond: The Cary Film Festival. So, we’re exploring options and partnerships for virtual cinema.

Stay tuned, as our film festival in the fall will likely be offering new ways to participate. 

2021 Oscar-Worthy Films

Consider the 2021 Academy Awards a-go as it gets bumped from February 28 to April 25. IndieWire’s awards expert, Anne Thompson claims there are dozens of movies worthy of Oscar buzz! Streaming and VOD make it possible to view must-see titles.

Click here to see the potential contenders.

A Friendly Reminder

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and others by keeping the three W’s in mind.

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