It’s Who You Meet Along the Way

Many great truths come from the movies.  Like this one – “It’s not where you go. It’s who you meet along the way!” from The Wizard of Oz.  We believe that there is truth in this sage statement.  Here at The Cary, we are most definitely focused on where we are going (making a great arthouse for Cary), and we’ve learned that the folks that we are meeting along the way have made our journey (and ultimately the destination) richer!  We wanted to celebrate some of those folks that we’ve met and how each of them have helped us lay a new brick in our yellow brick road.

The Modern School of Film – Headed up by our pal and film guru, Robert Milazzo, this group has brought us some great experiences with the Frame by Frame series and helped us launch our Cinema Studies programs.  He’s currently leading a series on why films are better than TV through January. If anyone knows – it’s Rob!

TriFilm Society – The brainchild of local filmmaker Camden Watts-Roessler whose entire goal is to support local filmmakers and band them together to make the film industry in North Carolina all it can be! She’s a great advocate for The Cary and our efforts to support local film in general and through her support of our own Rough Cuts Review open screen program.

DreamQuest Productions – When Allan R. Smith moved his entire company from Hollywood to Cary a few years ago he found The Cary when it was first opening and has been one of our biggest cheerleaders! Not only has he provided sage advice, he’s also allowed us to screen several of his films.

Sick Chicks Film Festival – Who knew that there was a female filmmaker in our area that was an expert in the horror genre?  We’re pleased that Christine Parker called us up and told us she was starting the Sick Chicks Film Festival – and by the way – would you like to partner with us?  Absolutely!  53 films later and we’re off and running!

Triangle Filmmaking Community – We got involved with this group because of Raleigh’s annual filmSPARK and they’ve brought us short, experimental and local films. Konrad Arnold and Robert Walters are fostering the local film community is their goal and we’re thrilled to help them do it.

The Full Frame Film Festival – One of the BEST documentary film festivals in the country – we’re fortunate to have them in our backyard! And, we love that they bring their festival on the road each year to The Cary. Full of amazing staff (among them Director of Programming Sadie Tillery and Production Co-Director Lani Simeona), this festival curates some pretty cool films and loves to bring a few our way each year.

Six String Presents – David Sardinha and Six String Presents has a knack for bringing the best music to Cary and he’s made our theater his home away from home! We’re grateful for his attention to detail and how he is nurturing the art of the singer/songwriter right here in Cary.

BREW at The Cary Theater – Not only do they serve some awesome java (and some seriously good cookies) but this little coffee shop has become part of our culture. Outfitted with the nicest staff and the best quality products, they give our spaces enhanced life during the day and provide good libations for our theater patrons at night.

Southern Documentary Fund – Our newest partner – this group combines the two things we love the most – film and the South!  They will be bringing amazing documentaries about the South or made by Southern filmmakers to our screen on a regular basis.

We’re looking forward to an amazing 2017 and to the new friends that we’ll meet along the way!



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