Happy Birthday Cary Theater!

The journey to #5 has been exciting, scary, energizing and amazingly fast! We can hardly believe how much has changed from our opening weekend when we had a pop-corn fire (no one was injured) to today as we stand proudly as Cary’s only Art House Theater.

Our first film on opening weekend was Waking Sleeping Beauty. This film tells the story of the Disney Renaissance – the decade from 1984 to 1994 – that saw Walt Disney Animation Studios’ triumphant return to excellence. We thought it most appropriate since The Cary was also triumphantly returning from a 54-year hiatus as a theater! That first year we threw a lot of stuff on the wall to see what would stick and slowly found the voice of the patrons of The Cary. Five years later, we will be screening seven films that are nominated for a 2019 Academy Award. Pretty cool.

Adding breadth to our programming offerings is a solid singer-songwriter series brought to you by our partner, Six String Presents, a monthly slate of nationally touring comedians, and a slew of special events that we like to call “film plus” events.  We’re especially proud of these “film plus” events – the White Christmas Sing-a-Long and Zombiepalooza among them.  And, we can’t forget our latest venture – BEYOND: The Film Festival! It started strong in 2018 and will continue to grow during our 5th birthday year with the continued goal to support filmmakers and screenwriters of all kinds!

But most of all, we’re proud to say that we’re a part of the Cary landscape – helping to anchor the Downtown renaissance. Much like Waking Sleeping Beauty – Downtown Cary has been reviving itself over the past few years and we’re excited to say that The Cary is a part of that reawakening. And we do it with the support of patrons, friends and neighbors like you. The lifeblood of any Art House Theater is the people that choose to come, sit in a dark room with others, and experience the communal magic of storytelling on film. So, we say Thank You – without you The Cary is just four walls and some seats in a space, but when YOU fill those seats – The Cary has a strong heart beat.

We’re celebrating all month – and we invite you to join with us:



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