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The Best of filmSPARK 2015

Saturday, June 15, 2024
www.sparkcon.com/sparks/filmspark/ YOU MAY PICK UP YOUR FREE TICKET IN PERSON AT THE CARY BOX OFFICE AT 122 E CHATHAM ST., TUE-FRI 11AM-6PM, SAT 10AM-1PM, AND ONE HOUR PRIOR TO ANY SCHEDULED EVENT. The Passing of Time by Jennifer Metcalf (8 min.) A young woman and young man meet during the early morning on the beach. Their love begins and continues through the years. Place and time hold special meaning in their hearts. The Cameraman by Rob Underhill (24 min.) A wannabe movie-maker’s documentary turns into a real life horror story. Civil by Andrew Huggins (9 min.) Five individuals’ lives will be changed forever on this fateful day in South Carolina, 1865. Pallbearers by Chaz Fulk (23 min.) 1927, a young sharecropper agrees to help a stranger carry his recently deceased sister to a burial site in the wilderness, but the deeper the two travel, the more surreal and dangerous the journey becomes. Spaces by Liam Hall (5 min.) Kate tracks her estranged brother, Derek, whom she has not seen in years, to the middle of the desert. She finds him in a slightly less stable mental state than she remembered him being in before. Now obsessed with space, Derek leads Kate through the desert on a mission of his own invention as she tries to find absolution and forgiveness with him. Faces (helene) by Michael Babbit (10 min.) An unnamed woman who might be the inspiration behind the two famous lines from playwright Christopher Marlowe’s play “The Tragedy of Dr. Faustus” is the central figure in this film. There are hints of the presence of Helen of Troy. Her beauty, her sensuality, her very presence sparked one of the most famous and terrifying wars in history, moving two gigantic powerhouse civilizations, the Greeks and the Trojans, into war…for ten years; nearly decimating their countries. The Session by Dean Garris (12 min.) A routine therapy session for a group of convicted murderers goes off course due to an unexpected surprise. Disengaged by Christopher G. Moore (15 min.) A determined young woman faces the daunting task of taking care of her neighbors after a post-apocalyptic event leaves them frozen in place. Will call tickets may be picked up at The Cary Box Office beginning one hour prior to the movie.