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Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival – Series 3 – Scary Tales from the South

Friday, June 14, 2024
Films Not Rated  

Dark Heat

Director Dan Sellers – NC, US / runtime: 7:04 Dark Heat is the opening segment for the horror anthology feature, “Witching Hour II” and is a film noir, period, short film.  

Don’t Let the Light In

Director Jaysen P. Buterin – NC, US (Attending) / runtime: 9:03 For Sarah, it was just a job that started off like any other babysitting gig. But Sarah wasn’t the normal babysitter, and Jack wasn’t quite the normal boy that he appeared to be.  

Free Variable

Director Lea McMahan – TN, US (Attending) / runtime: 9:59 Being a teenager is a daily struggle, a daily grind. For seventeen year old Thomas, however, the stakes are higher. Not only is he failing calculus, but he’s worried that he may slit his calculus tutor’s throat at their next study session.  


Director Melanie Comito – NC, US (Attending) / runtime: 10:45 There’s something terribly wrong with the babysitter! Another chilling tale from “The Witching Hour”.  

Gothic Truth

Director Kerry Everett – NC, US (Attending) / runtime: 15:53 When a hardened criminal defense attorney meets and falls for the owner of a goth club, she is devastated when he becomes a client. In the law, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. In a relationship, you are guilty until proven innocent.  

It Had Wings

Director Ellen Hemphill and Jim Haverkamp – NC, US (Attending) / runtime: 10:04 A widow, alone at home, sees something heavenly and wounded fall into her backyard. The old woman, coffee mug in hand, naturally tries to help. In this redemptive tale, written and narrated by Allan Gurganus, the ordinary goes briefly mythic. Kindness becomes what might save us yet.  


Director Haven Nutt – TN, US (Attending) / runtime: 10:22 “Maskerade” is a short horror/psychological-thriller film shot on Super 8 based on a nightmare the director had in 2012. The story follows a young woman who is haunted by a series of unknown, unspeaking masked people. This day—her life—is an interminable dysfunctional experience. Haunted by the masked unknown, she lives amidst her mortified mind…  

My Obituary

Director Vanessa Hoar – TX, US (Attending) / runtime: 5:37 Week after week, a college student finds his own obituary in the local paper; he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind the lies.  


Director Chelsea Robinson – TX, US (Attending) / runtime: 13:53 A suffocating relationship between a teenage girl and her doll escalates into something sinister on Halloween night when her boyfriend pays a visit.  

The Thicket

Director Angela Pritchett and Mariah Smith – NC, US / runtime: 15:14 A group of friends go on a peaceful trip camping in the woods. What they do not know is something dark and old lives in the woods, and it is now after them. Q & A after the films. Check out more info at: http://www.sickchickflicksfilmfest.com   buy-tickets-button Buy a Day Pass by clicking on the orange basket button to the left


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