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Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival – Series 2- Sci Fi and Dark Fantasy

Saturday, June 22, 2024
Films Not Rated

Blaze of Gory: SNOW

Director David V G Davies – UK /runtime: 11:58 A horror retelling of Snow White written by a 12 year old girl  

In Search of Laura Fearn

Director Lisa Jodoin – Canada / runtime: 14:08 When an acclaimed author’s wife disappears, he is forced to delve into his own mind for answers.  

María Fernanda in Time

Director Xavier Pijuan – Spain / runtime: 9:20 An overprotective mother produces an accident with terrible consequences in the space-time continuum in the scientific laboratory where his son works.  

My Baby Shot Me Down

Director Daniella Daemy – UK / runtime: 9:56 My Baby Shot Me Down is an experimental film shot on 35mm about domestic violence with a twist. In the UK a woman is killed every 3 days as a result of domestic abuse. My Baby Shot Me Down is about 5 women and their insatiable desire for revenge as they kidnap their men for crimes of domestic violence.  

Operation Pegasus

Director Erik Axelsson – Sweden / runtime: 2:49 We follow a Spanish news reporter as she covers yet another boring story… Within the next 24 hours everything has changed and the world will never be the same again.  


Director Andrea Wolanin – US / runtime: 20:22 Based upon an Italian folk tale, Penta questions femininity, humanity and the system of abuse. Our titular heroine is a robot created to do nothing more than be the perfect woman – but what does that mean? As she acclimates to the world around her, her changes startle her owner and spur a chain of grim events.  


Director Olga Osorio – Spain / runtime: 14:58 A woman is trapped in a temporal loop that she may not be able to break.  


Director Becki Pantling – UK / runtime: 4:53 A late night drive takes a dark turn, in our modern twist on an ancient Greek monster.  

The Within

Director Dennis Glasco – US / runtime: 11:31 Invaders attack earth. Captain Matthews may have found what leads to ending the war but is he in for more than he bargained for?  


Director Jonathan Stutzman – US / runtime: 8:39 An experimental fairy-tale about a young girl who is transported into a dreamworld after finding a magic mask.  

Time Benders

Director Paul Cavallo – Australia / runtime: 7:32 Time. It’s like a being. It has an immune system which prevents change. A young scientist puts this to the test when she falls in love with a man from the year 1788.   Q & A after the films. Check out more info at: http://www.sickchickflicksfilmfest.com   buy-tickets-button Buy a Day Pass by clicking on the orange basket button to the left


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