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Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival – Series 1 – Dark & Twisted Films

Sunday, July 21, 2024
Films Not Rated

A Good Assistant

Director Natalie Sena – US (Attending) / runtime: 5:40 This short film that tells the story of a young woman trying her best to do a good job for her demanding boss. In this dark comedy, her preconceived notions about her villainous boss lead her down a path that changes her life forever.

A Menacing Proposal

Director Diana Lee Woody – US (Attending) / runtime: 12:30 When Maggie tells Connor they need to talk, Connor assumes she is going to break up with him. So he and his best friend Jack devise a hare brained and disastrous scheme to get her to change her mind.  


Director Mandy Looney and Mike Madigan – US (Attending)/ runtime: 6:40 Daryll & Darylette’s YouTube Drive-In Cinema unearths the long-lost cult classic ‘CatZilla!’ – An unidentified flying object (UFO) zaps three kitties into gargantuan proportions, who are hell-bent on wreaking havoc on the city of Detroit.  


Director Lynne Hansen – US / runtime: 12:00 Millie is determined to prove to the world that she’s captured the first real zombie–even if he’s not one.  


Director Cat Davies – UK / runtime: 19:59 A comedy horror with a foul-mouthed, loud-mouthed, felt-mouthed star. Wannabe stand-up Dolly Diggs suffers from stage fright. To overcome her fear, she plans to become a ventriloquist and thinks she’s found just the puppet to help. But Connie is no ordinary puppet… She’s a living doll.  


Director Jill Gevargizian – US / runtime: 1:35 When a little girl wakes up from an overnight at her grandma’s house, she discovers there may be more to Grammy than meets the eye.  

Kaddish! Kaddish!

Director Emeline Castaneda – France / runtime: 6:14 When, on his way back home, a man stops at a motorway service area, he did not imagine that by talking to his urinal’s neighbor, it will trigger some terrible events.  


Director Eve Edelson – US (Attending) / runtime: 7:51 A battered woman escapes a very unusual relationship in a night of cosmic justice at an animal shelter.  

The Bulleteers

Director Kyle Roberts – US/ runtime: 8:41 When a quirky but deadly outlaw returns to town, it’s up to a masked hero to gather a group of misfits to save the townspeople from the wrath of Todd.  

The Bunny Man

Director Eve Edelson – US / runtime: 11:32 The legend of the Bunny Man has frightened the kids in Helen’s neighborhood for years. The grown-ups laugh it off, but when Helen starts losing sleep over it – hurting her grades and her chances at a scholarship – her financially strapped mother must “Take Steps”.  

The Last CourseThe Last Course

Director Marielle Brinda – US /runtime: 18:11 An awkward birthday dinner quickly takes a turn toward the dark side when a subservient daughter veers off recipe to fulfill her late brother’s last wish. It is the classic ghost story reinvented to thrill while exploring the depths of family connection.   Q and A after the films. Check out more info at: http://www.sickchickflicksfilmfest.com   buy-tickets-button Buy a Day Pass by clicking on the orange basket button to the left or Purchase tickets to Series 1 – Dark & Twisted Films by clicking on the Purchase Tickets link underneath the poster above. Will call tickets may be picked up at The Cary Box Office beginning one hour prior to the movie.