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PRO-JECT Presented by Black Irish and the Town of Cary

Saturday, July 13, 2024
PRO-JECT SNEAK PEEK  PRO-JECT is an event combining both live and projected dancers to create a physical performance exploring both dream and reality on one stage. PRO-JECT is the first site-specific work of BLACK IRISH that was designed to use The Cary Theater in its traditional form; hence the use of projection. BLACK IRISH has developed 4 methods of projecting dancers in The Cary Theater, each utilized to specifically project a unique vision to the audience. Partnering with videographers Michelle Lotker and Clark Ivers, BLACK IRISH has innovated their most inventive show to date. PRO-JECT focuses equally on the physicality of dancing and the technical details of film such as scale, color, light and shadow. The performed scenarios in each of the 4 movements serve to juxtapose the duality of our innovative and fast-paced world with the immediate and natural rhythms of the human form. The fourth movement features a collaboration with the band, CITIZEN SHADE. A live vocal performance by lead singer, Will Howard, and the projected, but real talents of CITIZEN SHADE round out the show. What do you want to project? Grab your tickets today and get ready to expand your visual norms! Show length is approximately 1 hour. Followed by a short Q&A for intrigued audience members. Will Call tickets may be picked up starting one hour prior to the performance.