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Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic

Thursday, May 23, 2024
Rated: NR Explore with this film’s director, Kevin Spencer, POWERFUL MEDICINE: SIMPLY MAGIC is a short documentary about self-discovery and resilience told through the voices, faces, and hands of incredible individuals who struggle with some of life’s difficult challenges. The reality is these individuals don’t want our sympathy; but, in order to flourish, they do need our understanding and support. This film shares the real stories of real people from around the world and their efforts to overcome what others might consider “impossible” odds. Most importantly, it’s about hope — the hope and confidence they gain by achieving the “impossible.” Their stories are inspirational, motivating and life changing! (imdb.com) Kevin-Headshot-email2-214x300  Q & A with Kevin Spencer after the film. More more about Kevin’s work visit: http://www.hocusfocuseducation.com/