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Park Row – Frame by Frame

Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Modern School of Film’s founder, Robert Milazzo, leads an in-depth, active deconstruction and group-discussion. This screening was created with the cinephile in mind, to delve deeper in the art and craft of film. The active deconstruction format will allow for the instructor to stop the film at points and lead in depth discussions about the techniques being used in the film, as you watch it. Explore the depth and breadth of film as an art form and see films you love in a new way! Not Rated: Park Row Directed by Samuel Fuller (1956) In 1880s New York City, newspapers were engaged in a free-for-all competition, with the respectable practitioners such as Joseph Pulitzer leading a horde of sheets that included every kind of yellow rag imaginable. Newspaperman Phineas Mitchell is so appalled by the brand of journalism practiced by The Star, the newspaper where he works, and its publisher, Charity Hackett, that he gets himself fired. But instead of looking for another job, he decides to start up his own newspaper, The Globe, which will adhere to principals he has developed across his career. This immediately puts him on a head-to-head collision with The Star and Hackett, who scoffs at Mitchell’s ideals but is frightened of his resourcefulness and ideas ̶ all of which combine to make the feisty little under-financed newspaper a more honest and exciting read than her own publication. And Mitchell’s embrace of cutting-edge technology, such as the Linotype machine, and innovations such as by-lines and newsstands only heighten her mixed feelings of admiration and fear. When Mitchell seizes upon the Statue of Liberty, newly-delivered from France but without a base to stand on (or an appropriation from Congress for the money to build one), The Globe takes on this cause. A circulation war ̶ and then an all-out war ̶ breaks out between the two newspapers, with fraud, violence, bombings, and other mayhem visited on Mitchell’s enterprise. (credit: allmovie.com) Will call tickets may be picked up at The Cary Box Office beginning one hour prior to the movie.