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Music in Picture: A Film Scoring Workshop

Friday, September 25, 2020

Workshop sponsored by Eventide with Giveaways during the Q&A!

This immersive workshop is designed to educate directors and producers on how to effectively communicate with composers. It is vital for up-and-coming composers who can fall into the pitfalls of convoluted themes and over-scored cues that don’t serve the story. Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:

● Themes & Thematic Development
● Instrumentation & Arranging
● Temp Tracks Do’s & Don’ts
● Scoring From a Script
● Dissection of a Cue for an Existing Film

Instructor: Evan Hodges

Evan-Hodges-Cary-Theater-Beyond-Film-FestEvan Hodges has always been enamored with composition and film scores, a passion that gripped him when he first saw “Star Wars” as a child and knew he wanted to create the iconic sounds that can define a generation. In recent years, he’s scored musicals, video games, and more than 40 feature-length and short films. With his background in jazz and its highly improvisational component, he’s able to adapt quickly and seamlessly score both simple and advanced thematic musical cues appropriate for various scenes. In 2017, Hodges scored the feature, “The Canadoo,” and was Emmy-nominated in 2018 for PBS documentary feature, “My Dear Children.” Hodges is a graduate of Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies.

Eventide Plugin Giveaways

The fine folks at Eventide have provided three state-of-the-art plugins for us to give away to workshop attendees during our Q&A segment. Since 1971, Eventide has revolutionized the technology that artists use to record with thanks to the H910 Harmonizer, Instant Phaser, and recent favorite Stompboxes and plugins. Imagine your next film’s score using Eventide.

Blackhole® (msrp $199) – A reverb as big as the cosmos, Blackhole can create haunting echoes and otherworldly ambience. 




Crystals (msrp $99) – Iconic Eventide effect with twin reverse pitch shifters, reverse delay and reverb. This plugin excels at adding life to synths, guitar, and vocals making them sound huge and majestic.



ShimmerVerb (msrp $99) – Massively lustrous reverb effect with parallel pitch shifters to add ethereal layers and dreamy ambiance to guitars, keys, synths, samples, and vocals.



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