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Motion for Pictures Screening Series Presented by Triangle Filmmaking Community

Sunday, July 14, 2024
  The Triangle Filmmaking Community is joining with The Cary to present the Motion for Pictures Screening Series. This series takes a look at film and its impact on our modern culture. “No longer were fantastic adventures and foreign lands relegated to the imagination or static images on the page. By creating motion for pictures, the Lumière brothers, when they invented the early motion-picture camera and projector, fundamentally changed the way people experience and connect with the world.” This series will show the best short films we can find which will hopefully broaden the audiences horizons and (at least for the filmmakers in the audience) inspires them to create something new and different. Not Rated – contains some profanity and nudity.  May not be appropriate for small children.   THE COP CAM A police officer follows up on a disturbance call and discovers a horrifying secret. WINSTON Alina, eager for a promotion at work, agrees to take on what appears to be a straightforward task: Housesitting and taking care of her boss Sybil’s precious dog, Winston. But confusion sets in when Alina arrives at the home only to discover that ”Winston” is in fact a stuffed animal — leading her to question both her boss’s motives and her mental state. FOUR PIES A woman returns home to her two sisters and grieving father after her mother dies. NOBODIES A career hitman has come to dispose of one last victim before he disappears into obscurity and retires. But after he arrives at a secluded lake to dump the body, a twist of fate complicates matters when a panicked man shows up at the same spot… to do the same thing. CART BLANCHE A series of food market shopping events is chronicled. SEVILLA Three youngsters make a roadtrip that will change their lives forever.  COMPRESSION An experimental film featuring abstract visuals produced using a circuit bent (rewired) video tablet. The film is influenced by structural/materialist film theories which reject narrative content and cinematic space, instead emphasizing process, production and the flattening of space. THE GOUFFRE (THE GULF) Two travelers undertake the construction of a gigantic bridge in order to cross a gulf blocking their way, inspiring with their courage and determination a rural community living nearby. Will call tickets may be picked up at The Cary Box Office beginning one hour prior to the movie.