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In Pursuit of Silence

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE heads to Cary in July as part of the Full Frame Road Show presented by PNC!

IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE is returning to the Triangle after a sold-out screening at Full Frame 2016 for a one-night-only appearance at The Cary Theater in downtown Cary!

Full Frame Road Show screenings are free and open to the public, but attendees must reserve a ticket via Eventbrite starting 9am the Monday before the screening, July 25, to attend. Cary Film Circle members will be able to reserve tickets on Sunday, July 24. Seating is limited. There will be a last minute line at the venue to accommodate any last minute cancellations/no-shows.

IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE (81 minutes) Directed by Patrick Shen Film website We tend to think of silence as absence. How can we pursue something that’s not there? Where would we find it? Why should we want to? This film challenges Western society’s most basic preconceptions about the very nature of silence. In the industrialized world, volume marks energy and importance; quietude is associated with lethargy, insignificance, and emptiness. But as this film reveals, silence isn’t nothingness at all. Rather, it is something we hear, and listening puts us in more profound contact with all that is present in the world. Seeking refuge from the daily cacophony of buzzes, bings, and banter isn’t “downtime,” it’s an active pursuit of spiritual, physiological, and psychological necessity. At times meditatively tranquil, at others maddeningly frenetic, this film’s sumptuous sound design conjures up innovative ways to help us hear what we’ve been missing all along.