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Frame by Frame Cinema Studies Series

Saturday, July 13, 2024
Frame by Frame series – Six Weeks of Advanced Cinema Screenings with The Modern School of Film Tuesday February 16; March 1; March 15; March 29; April 12; April 26 at 7 p.m. This screening series will be the Cary Theater’s first cinema studies class series. It was created with the cinephile in mind that wants to delve deeper in the art and craft of film.  The Modern School of Film’s founder, Robert Milazzo, leads an in-depth, active deconstruction and group-discussion of six films of substantial significance in film history. This format will allow for the instructor to stop the film at points and lead in depth discussions about the techniques being used in the film, as you watch it. Explore the depth and breadth of film as an art form and see films you love in a new way! Films in the Series March 1 – The 400 Blows March 15 – Rashomon March 29 – The Searchers April 12 – Park Row April 26 – Mean Street Individual class: $10   The Cary and the Modern School of Film hosted a Cinema Studies screening of Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil last fall. Some of the attendees had this to say about it: “Well-done education program which introduced me to a new film with thoughtful analysis.”         “Wow! Far surpassed my expectations.  A completely rewarding experience!

About The Modern School of Film MSF logo

The Modern School of Film is a film-craft training laboratory and a public master class discussion series.  With filmmaking workshops ongoing in New York and Los Angeles, MSF has also produced more than 200 master-class discussions across the U.S., Europe, and South America; and in universities, performing arts centers as well as cinemas. For more information visit www.modernschooloffilm.com. Past guests of MSF include: Adam Horovitz, Albert Maysles, Ang Lee, Anthony Bourdain, Bill Hader, Bill T. Jones, Christopher Guest, Danny Elfman, David Cross, Eli Wallach, Feist, Frank Black, Fred Armisen, Glenn Close, Gus Van Sant, Iron & Wine, Kris Kristofferson, Lucinda Williams, Marina Abramovic, My Morning Jacket, Neko Case, Perry Farrell, Patton Oswalt, Talib Kweli, Tim and Eric, The Black Keys, Tippi Hedren, Wayne Coyne, Wes Craven, Willem Dafoe, and Wim Wenders.

What people are saying about the Modern School of Film

“The Modern School of Film is a great idea, and great ideas are hard to forget.” -Walter Salles- (Filmmaker: “The Motorcycle Diaries”, “Central Station”, “On The Road”)    “I greatly appreciate MSF’s commitment and support of the arts.” -John Woo- (Filmmaker: “The Killer”, “Hard Boiled”, “MI:2”)    “I had a blast and would come back anytime.” -Ben Gibbard- (lead singer, Death Cab for Cutie “A truly inspiring night.” -Sandra Bernhard