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Comedy with Tommy Blaze

Sunday, June 16, 2024
Tommy Blaze has been called Americas premiere relationship comic. For over two decades, he has entertained audiences from all walks of life. Blaze has performed in such diverse arenas as television, film, comedy clubs, colleges, military bases, casinos, cruise ships and churches. Tommy sums up his broad appeal with a simple statement, Wherever you find men and women together, that’s where I’m needed. Despite social trends that have some sociologists, politicians and religious leaders worried, it takes the likes of Tommy Blaze to remind us that the things that bring the sexes together can be very funny indeed. – The Reporter Ryan Van Genderen is patiently waiting to get famous so other people can write his bio but until then… Ryan hails from Patterson, New Jersey. He’s been writing and performing comedy for almost 9 years. Based out of Charlotte, NC he now tours the country as both a feature and headlining act delivering the funny one city at a time. His unorthodox style will sneak up on you with a laugh you never see coming (wait is that a good thing?).