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Charlie Chan at the Olympics

Sunday, July 14, 2024
Rated G Actual footage of the 1936 Berlin Olympics is rabbeted into the action of this superior Charlie Chan entry. Assigned by the U.S. Navy to track down a gang of international spies, Charlie Chan (Warner Oland) heads to Berlin, where as luck would have it his son Lee is representing the United States as a member of the Olympic swimming team. Among Lee’s teammates is Richard Masters, who has unfortunately fallen under the spell of the alluring Yvonne Roland, much to the dismay of his sweetheart Betty Adams. What no one knows (but Chan suspects) is that Yvonne is one of the spies, in league with the mysterious Arthur Hughes. Yvonne hides a stolen secret weapon in Betty’s luggage, leading to a not-so-merry chase through Berlin, and the ultimate kidnapping of Lee Chan by the villains. Plus, there’s a murder to be solved, and Berlin police chief Strasset isn’t about to let Charlie Chan get the credit. (allmovie.com) Will call tickets may be picked up at The Cary Box Office beginning one hour prior to the movie.