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Best of filmSpark 2016

Saturday, June 22, 2024

For eleven years, filmSPARK has been bringing fantastic local films to the screen as part of SPARKcon in Raleigh. We are proud to present you with this encore screening of the top eight films as ranked by our judges.

TO DIE FOR (8:20) In the aftermath of a catastrophic event the last humans on earth survive in an underground facility built by the U.S. Department of Extinction Prevention (D.E.P.). A young scavenger named Arlin Franger is depressed and suicidal after the loss of her family; one day she is given a choice, what will she die for? WITHER (7:35) A mother of four can no longer cope with the strife in her marriage that has soured her relationships with her children. The marriage is over, but no one can stop fighting long enough to understand that. It’s the high school graduation weekend of the eldest daughter and the bittersweet emotions of seeing her daughter mature overwhelms MOTHER as the evening quickly goes off the rails. YOU WOULDN’T EXPECT (10:00) Almost 7,600 individuals were forcibly sterilized by the North Carolina Eugenics Program between the 1930s and 1974. You Wouldn’t Expect recounts the experiences of one of the victims. CAKE (8:00) A sweet Southern baker employs a traditional family recipe to solve life’s little annoyances. KEEPSAKE (17:20) In this Southern Gothic Dramedy, estranged sisters return home to sort through their late, hoarder-mother’s estate, and discover a family secret. SEAN MAGEE – PIGTAILS (3:10) This comical music video juxtaposes guy and girl interactions as children and adults. A THOUSAND ACRES (24:57) A young man infiltrates an anarchist cult in search of his ex-love who disappeared there some time before. HIM+HER (9:01) HIM+HER is a dramatic short film about the beginning and ending of a relationship, told from the perspective of both characters.

Tickets are available at the door one hour prior to screenings.