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Engaging with The Cary Theater on Social Media

The Cary Theater is owned by the Town of Cary and operated by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. By posting on any of the theater’s social media pages, you accept and consent to the following:

This is a family-friendly forum designed to represent The Cary Theater performances. So, please keep your comments and wall posts clean and directed solely to this topic. Comments posted to this page will be monitored. In addition, we ask that you follow our posting guidelines here. Posts will be hidden from view if they violate the guidelines listed below.

  • Comments and submissions must be topically related to the particular posting being commented upon.
  • No graphic, obscene, explicit, or racial comments or submissions, or comments that are abusive, threatening, or intended to disparage or defame anyone or any organization.
  • No solicitations or advertisements, promotions, or endorsements of commercial services or products.
  • Details about an ongoing investigation or legal or administrative proceeding that could prejudice the processes or could interfere with an individual’s rights will be deleted from this page.
  • No copyrighted or trademarked images or graphics. Imagery posted on social media walls should be owned by the user. All items posted by the Town of Cary are official materials of the Town of Cary, NC local government.
  • No comments, photos or videos that suggest or encourage illegal activity.
  • No documents of any kind should be posted on this page.
  • No comments that support or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions.

You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your username and any information provided. View Town of Cary Social Media Guidelines.

The appearance of external links or the use of third-party applications on this site does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the Town of Cary. Comments and submissions posted to web pages, or social media pages are subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.

Each page is monitored on Town of Cary workdays during regular business hours and during special events related to the topic of this page. Our goal is to respond to posts as needed within one business day.

For official information from and about the Town of Cary government, including the topic of social media pages, please visit

Posts to this website or any of The Cary’s social media pages are subject to the North Carolina Public Records Act and subject to inspection and copying by the public as stipulated therein.


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