Don’t miss your chance to see top touring comedians at The Cary with raucous nights downtown thanks to the likes of Erik Terrell, Andy Forrester, Al Goodwin, Dusty Slay, Wills Maxwell Jr., Blaire Postman, Azeem, Lee Hardin, and many others.


Alex Velluto & Brian Herberger

Friday, April 21, 8:00pm

Alex Velluto has two Dry Bar Comedy specials and has performed in top comedy clubs across the country. He was a guest on “Stand Up Nashville,” which aired on the Circle Network and appeared on Peacock TV. Brian Herberger draws on his checkered past, his eight years as a middle school teacher, and embarrassing escapades on the dating scene. He started comedy in his hometown of Buffalo, then moved to New York City in 2015 and regularly works at clubs with comics such as Rachel Feinstein, Mitch Fatel, the late Gilbert Godfried, Rich Vos, John Mulaney, and more.

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