Notable Pursuits, Episode 12

Thursday, August 18, 2022
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    What is Notable Pursuits? 
Running Time: 2.5 hr with 5 min. intermissionNotable Pursuits is a Light House Project original series, presented in the form of recurring episodes. Each episode showcases Muslims artists or luminaries who not only strive to pursue their talents, but pursue them notably – be it for charity, bringing awareness, or conveying a message.Their efforts are shared here, so as to inspire aspiring Muslims. The event Notable Pursuits bloomed in memory of Deah, Yusor, and Razan. Having known Deah and Razan personally, Asad felt they had qualities that had to be shared, remembered, and emulated. Asad worked with Razan for years but only found out about her painting skills when she decided to sell her paintings to raise money for victims of the disasters in Syria at the time. Everyone can speak to Deah’s altruistic generosity, but one personal story Asad likes to share is going to the Friday prayer and seeing him posted outside with a table. When asked what’s up he explained that he was selling dental hygiene kits to fund a medic trip to Syria and treat the victims of the war. In remembering both of the examples above, Asad simultaneously is taken aback and proud by the creative way Deah and Razan used their passion to benefit others. Yusor was no different. Those stories are what he likes to call a notable or noble pursuit.  Asad knew that it wasn’t only Deah, Yusor, or Razan engaging in such pursuits, so after their murders he started Notable Pursuits to showcase all the people in our community doing so. His mission is to cast a light on the goodness in people, so that others can capture the reflection of that light and let it shine in themselves, or in other words, be inspired to also take on their own notable pursuits. Ultimately, NP is about sharing one’s story. If you would like to see some photos from past events, or ‘episodes’ as we call them, please visit the link below!
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