Kid Flicks Two 2022-2023

Sunday, June 25, 2023
68 minutes 
Children / Family, Short films
Not Rated 
English, French, Kirghiz, Slovak, English Subtitles
Recommended Ages: 8-13
Kid Flicks Two is full of journeys big and small, from a young artist’s river-bound trek to school and a passerby’s neighborhood stroll to the search for a loving home and or the path to understanding between friends.
Shorts in this lineup:
Comic Escape (United States, Live Action,15 min.) In English
A young boy unexpectedly finds a comic book that changes his reality.
Frank & Emmet (United States, Live Action, 12 min.) In English
“Frank & Emmet” tells the story of two life-long friends and show-business partners who, after weeks of drifting apart, sit together to address head-on the one thing they’ve never talked about: one of them is a puppet.
How I Got My Wrinkles (France, Animation, 12 min.) In French, with English subtitles
Stop motion can’t stop time in this charming live-action and animated reflection on life, art, film, family, and all that makes the world go round.
Salvador Dali (Kyrgyzstan, Live Action, 19 min.) Kirghiz, with English subtitles
Every day, little Orozbek has to walk long distances and a river crossing to get to school—because that’s where he can get closer to his dream.
Sanctuary (Czech Republic, Animation, 5 min.) Slovak, with English subtitles
With a mindful animal rescuer, an ideal match is never far: even French Bulldogs on wheels and skittish puppies can all find their perfect human companions.
Warmth (United States, Animation, 3 min.) In English
Tender and observant, Warmth depicts the daily encounters of a passerby and a stranger without a home.
Generation Impact: The Coder (United States, Documentary, 7 min.) In English
Jay Jay Patton was only 13 when she designed and built an app to help kids connect with their incarcerated parents, inspired by her own experience. Now she is creating a coding academy to help other kids do the same.
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