The audieVegas Pronce will choose a winner of each block of short films. The winner will receive The Bradford Award, a licence for Magix Software’s Vegas Pro 15 editing software and a screening in Sunday’s Best of Beyond screening block.


Congratulations to our Bradford Audience Award Winners for 2018!

 Lost in Buffalo City – Writer / Director / Producer: Raymond Wallace

Dulatown – Director: Beth Davison

Somewhere in Beulah Land – Director / Producer: Andrew Harrison Brown / Producer: Rick Cross

What Remains – Director / Writer: Julie Zografos KoeglDirector / Producers: Julia Festa, Daniel Parra, Bernice Miller

Films from 2018!



Director / Writer: Randy Kerr
Writer: Timothy Burke
Producer: Tim Burke

For the Burke brothers of Yakima, Washington, the river is a life source. As young boys from a home torn apart by alcoholism and broken promises, they found refuge and redemption in their backyard creek – losing themselves in the rush of cold water beneath their feet, playing, laughing, and chasing minnows into a 5-gallon bucket. Through the years their love of fishing together would grow and take them to the Yakima River, Columbia River tributaries and other storied steelhead waters of the Pacific Northwest where as men they reunite faithfully to this day. For them the river has been a constant friend and a place of mending: mending their spey lines through the currents of a steelhead run and mending what had once been tog with such a rare and powerful fish, and to each other.


Lost in Buffalo CityStore clerk Ed Parks (Stuart Parks) sells John Miller (Jeff Ronan) a machette

Writer / Director / Producer: Raymond Wallace

John Miller is a young reporter investigating a series of strange apparitions and deadly encounters surrounding a long-forgotten ghost town in the dark coastal swamps of North Carolina. But his investigation uncovers something evil lurking in the ruins of Buffalo City, sinister forces that may wind up costing him his life.


NDNs on the AirwavesPhoto 2 Sino_Production_still

Director / Editor: Jackson 2Bears
Writer / Producer: Janet Rogers

NDNs on the Airwaves is a short experimental documentary following one Indigenous radio broadcasters journey home through the airwaves where voice, sound, music and tone are found to be true reflections of our identities, values and history. A dynamic soundtrack married with mash-up image-editing and thematic poetry help tell the story of NDNs on the Airwaves.


StarlightPhoto 1 Starlight

Director: Alex Thompson
Writer: Jordan Dee Crabtree
Producers: Zach Turner, Justin Hoover

A daughter struggles to come to terms with her mother’s sacrifice when a cosmic darkness threatens to destroy all living things on Earth.



The CollectionPhoto 1 Collection_The

Director: Michael Gullett
Writer: Noah Smith
Producer: Tay Nikonovich

Ava, a bored young girl shopping with her parents, wanders off in an antique store. She finds herself locked in the shop’s back room where she discovers a mysterious door that opens to many different places and times.


DulatownPhoto 1 Dula_gravesite

Director: Beth Davison

This community in Lenoir, N.C. was established from land a slave owner (Alfred Dula) bequeathed to his slave (Harriet) and their eight children. Dulatown remains home to the extended Dula clan and embraces its history at a bi-annual reunion where African-American and white relatives come together around their shared genealogy to acknowledge they have more in common than just a surname. Using contemporary interviews with members of the Dula family alongside historical images, this film weaves an insightful tale of history, family, race and identity.


Gertie Gunther Knits a Stitch

Director: Sean Rooney
Writer: Marylea Wiley
Producer: Darren Dai

Gertie Gunther attempts to rekindle her love with her avid racing fan husband Vernon by entering a local knitting competition.


The Devil Goes DownPhoto 1 IMG_0323

Writer / Director: Nicholas Julius

The Devil challenges a young man to a game of basketball. The stakes? What is in the Devil’s bag against the young man’s soul.



Drums of Amura

Director / Writer: Priscilla Anany-Williams
Producer: John Eric Capps

 Against the history of their cultural traditions and family expectations, young lovers Asanah and Kwami each struggle to make the individual choices on the path to adulthood that will determine their future.


SupernovaPhoto 1 SUPERNOVA-1

Directors: Gavin Lankford, Aleksandre C. Kosinski
Producer: Marty McCarthy

When a little boy’s late-night viewing of his favorite space adventure videotape is cut short by a scolding from his mom, he channels the heroism of his sci-fi fantasy hero and makes it his mission to get the tape back.



Director / Writer: Julie Zografos Koegl
Producer: Brandon White

Adapted from an autobiographical poem, and told intimately from the perspective of a ten year old girl, VANISHING POINT reveals a girl’s struggle to understand and communicate with her brother when the family visits him in juvenile detention.


Somewhere in Beulah LandScreen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.00.00 PM

Director / Producer: Andrew Harrison Brown
Producer: Rick Cross

A portrait documentary about a young farmer and his first-year learning how to love & care for a piece of land. Based in Beulah – Mt. Airy, NC



What RemainsWhat Remains- crop

Director / Writer: Julie Zografos KoeglDirector
Producers: Julia Festa, Daniel Parra, Bernice Miller

After a shocking loss, Mark must decide whether or not to go through with an adoption. WHAT REMAINS is an intimate exploration of grief and guilt and how an unexpected realization can sometimes transform isolating pain into possibility and redemption.



Parchment WingsPhoto 1 Parchment_Wings.jpeg

Director: Fernando Medina
Writer: Noelle Aleman
Producer: Sofia Thomasson

The journey into a fairytale brings comfort to an unlikely pair in the wake of a tragedy.


AkelaPhoto 1 AKELA-010.jpg_1

Director: Sean Kelley

As disgust and guilt build within her, Fae struggles to come to terms with her husband’s dark impulses.



PineboxPhoto 7 MerleCasket1enh

Director, Writer: D. R. Tibbits
Producers: Shawn Michael Howard, Kel Nelson

Merle, a small-town simpleton still grieving over the loss of his mother, fills his days with a strange hobby: crashing strangers’ funerals. Most people look past the oddball behavior, but he picks the wrong wake to attend when he goes to the Thornburns’ house. It seems the death of a teenage boy is the unseen line he shouldn’t have crossed.

Working at a funeral home run by pragmatic businessman Lew, Merle tries to get him to sell his homemade casket. Lew wants nothing to do with it. The death of another teenage boy, though, puts Merle’s project in between a grieving mother, a disgusted father, and an irate boss. And if things weren’t already charged enough, it turns out the two dead boys were more than just friends. Lew emphatically explains the trouble Merle has caused, forcing him to make a critical decision about the casket. The choice he makes surprises everyone, opening their eyes to accepting the singularity of life and death.



Back to the Future

Kick off the festival with a free film in Cary’s Downtown Park!FRESH

Sponsored by Fresh Local Ice Cream

Marty’s stuck in 1955. The only way to make it back to 1985 is if he braves the streets of Hill Valley, collecting clocks, dodging hula hoop girls and killer bees, and if he can avoid 50 bullies in the diner and dodge lightning in the DeLorean.

American Meltdown Food Truck and Bond Brothers Beer Company onsite!

My Darling Clementine

Followed by a Q&A with The Cary’s own first family – The Chandlers. Telling our own Hometown Story.

In the middle of a long cattle drive, Wyatt Earp (Henry Fonda) and his brothers stop off for a night in the town of Tombstone. The next morning they find their cattle stolen, and one of the brothers is dead. Earp suspects the Clanton family, owners of the O.K. Corral, but wants his revenge to be legal. He becomes sheriff of Tombstone and forges a rough peace with an alcoholic gambler, Doc Holiday (Victor Mature). Earp also takes a liking to Holiday’s former girlfriend, Clementine (Cathy Downs).

Raising Bertie

Raising Bertie is a longitudinal documentary feature following three young African American boys over the course of six years as they grow into adulthood in Bertie County, a rural African American-led community in Eastern North Carolina. Through the intimate portrayal of these boys, this powerful vérité film offers a rare in-depth look at the issues facing America’s rural youth and the complex relationships between generational poverty, educational equity, and race. The evocative result is an experience that encourages us to recognize the value and complexity in lives all too often ignored

Missing Johnny

In Mandarin with English subtitles

Sponsored by The Sister Cities Association of Cary Sister Cities

Honoring our hometown story connection with Taiwan and Cary’s Sister City of Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Hsu Zi Qi is a young woman who lives alone in the city. Lee is the autistic son of Zi Qi’s landlady, who tries to free himself from his protective mother. Feng is a shy young builder, who struggles with the constant breakdowns of his car. Through its interconnecting characters, the film subtly and intimately explores the moments of loneliness and regret that punctuate lives in a metropolitan city and emphasizes the importance and necessity of simple human contact.

Steel Magnolias

A young beautician, newly arrived in a small Louisiana town, finds work at the local salon, where a small group of women share a close bond of friendship, and welcome her into the fold.